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December 18th: Kathmandu Sustainable Urban Transport Forum

The Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) and Clean Air Network Nepal (CANN) in collaboration with Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MoPPW) will be hosting the “Kathmandu Sustainable Urban Transport Forum” to inform stakeholders on sustainable urban transportation, share approaches and initiatives, forge collaboration and enhance coordination among governmental, non governmental and private sectors working on urban transportation. Jeff has been asked to give a presentation on non-motorized transportation. He will be touching upong the following points:


December 18th: Global Urban Development to host Third Mode Webinar

A half century ago only one-third of the world's population was urbanized, and a half century from now nearly two-thirds of the people on this planet will be urban residents. Global Urban Development (GUD) conducts education, research, and action to promote policy ideas that help generate more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive urban development throughout the world.  GUD is a worldwide non-profit organization founded in 2001, consisting of a rapidly growing network of more than 500 dynamic and well-known urban leaders and experts from nearly 60 countries. GUD has offices in Barcelona, Beijing, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Prague, Rehoboth, San Francisco Bay Area, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, and Washington, DC.  


November 25th - December 1st: Johannesburg, South Africa Bike Master Plan

Jeff will be travelling to Johannesburg, South Africa to work on first Bike Master Plan for the City.  This project is supported by The World Bank, and Alta is working in collaboration with COWI and Gehl Associates from Denmark. 


October 16th-18th: IN-Motion 2012 Indiana MPO Conference, Bloomington, Indiana

Jeff will be presenting at the conference, addressing the need for a more complete infrastructure system. He will take this opportunity to describe how The Third Mode can lead to a more connected, sustainable, and healthy transportation system. Register Here

*all times are Eastern Standard


September 21: Toronto - Ontario Professional Planners Institute 2012 Symposium: Healthy Communities and Planning for Active Transportation. Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk.

Jeff will be part of a conference panel from 1:15-4:00pm, and will be available to discuss TheThirdMode at the conference.

September 20th & 21st 2012 Hilton Suites Markham Conference Center


September 12, 12:00pm to 1:15pm EST: Official launch event for The Third Mode - National on-line event sponsored by American Trails. This unique webinar will feature Bob Searns, President of American Trails in Denver; Andy Clarke, President of the League of American Bicyclists at the ProBike/ProWalk conference in Long Beach, and Jeff Olson at the American Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) Annual Meeting in Saratoga Springs. Join us to celebrate The Third Mode and connect three great places, three great organizations and three nationally recognized leaders in active mobility. A happy hour reception will follow the webinar at the Saratoga AMPO conference, and there will be a display of TheThirdMode in the exhibit area in Long Beach. Proceeds from the first day sales of the book will be donated to American Trails.

American Trails webinar
AMPO Conference
ProBike/ProWalk Conference
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