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Already, leaders in the sustainable mobility community are commenting on the importance of Jeff's new book, The Third Mode: Towards a Green Society


"Jeff is a person with a life mission, in his own words, of "making the world a better place one project at a time." The book, The Third Mode: Towards a Green Society, is an inspirational documentation of that philosophy - his challenges and successes in bringing bikeway, trail and greenway projects to fruition against long odds--political and technical. It is a great book for individuals, citizen groups, of civic leaders who have an idea to develop non-motorized transportation systems in their communities ("called "active transportation")  but don't know how to make the first step, who else to engage, and how to proceed to critical mass in getting the project underway. It is 125 pages of pure text--no pictures or technical jargon. Just stories. Stories are the best form of learning how to undertake complex tasks because they are exercises in problem-solving. Jeff also has a philosophy of bike/trail building that one can apply to all aspects of life.  Its essence is the recognition that we are moving from a rugged, individualistic "I built that"  society to a society where success increasingly depends on shared effort and collaboration. This book is a great primer on how to make this transition - individually and as a community. And the ebook is very cheap - less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee."

-DB, TRFG Weekly Update, Washington DC  March 11, 2013.


"The 3rd Mode is an entertaining, engaging and ultimately very human tale that very effectively puts into words all the emotion – from exasperation to elation – to which anyone in the field of active transportation can immediately relate. Jeff Olson is the bicycle world’s Forrest Gump and Ethan Hunt wrapped into one, with a dash of Indiana Jones to spice things up a little."

-Andy Clarke, President League of American Bicyclists


"We live in challenging times, especially when it comes to the question of how the need for mobility is shaping our cities, our landscapes, our bodies and our minds. And, just when we need it the most, real problem solving has become increasing stultified by polarized thinking---this vs. that, us vs. them, left vs. right and one or the other. The Third Mode shows that the way to get out of the box is to think in three dimensions and beyond. Jeff Olson's vision inspires, his real world examples enable and narrative style entertains. A must read!"

-Robert Searns, President American Trails


"Jeff - I'm almost finished with your book, The Third Mode, and it is terrific.  The arguments are compelling and your stories provide a great context for the challenges active transportation advocates confront."    

-SM, Rochester NY


"Jeff Olson has written a book with a rational approach to transportation which should neither be a difficult or complex issue"    

-Jim Letts, CEO Saratoga Regional YMCA


"The Third Mode is a deeply insightful, thoughtful and hopeful treatise on the American experience evolving beyond auto-centricity toward sustainable and balanced transportation systems."

-Mia Birk, President, Alta Planning + Design; Principal, Alta Bicycle Share, Inc.