Rice bran oil that is extract from rice bran and rice seeds. Most of them are commonly use for cooking. 

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Rice bran oil that is extract from rice bran and rice seeds. Most of them are commonly use for cooking. Especially in Asian countries such as Japan, India, etc, due to the properties of rice bran.

Oil that has a high boiling point. It is suitable for frying or using high heat. This is because the fat in the oil does not easily change its structure when subjected to high temperatures. This is because if low-boiling point oil is use in cooking that uses high heat beyond the oil’s boiling point. It will create substances that are harmful to the body. In addition, rice bran oil is also produce in the form of dietary supplements or use as an ingredient in cosmetic products. Rice bran oil is often claim to have beneficial effects on many diseases such as diabetes, high blood cholesterol, obesity, and cancer prevention. Strengthen immunity Improving liver function Reduce the risk of heart disease allergic reactions of the skin Dermatitis rashes and others, of which current research is quite limit.

You can use rice bran oil in many ways. There are many uses for rice bran oil, from food to medicine and cosmetics. It imparts a charming flavor to your food when heated. It also has optimum frying stability. Rice bran oil is one of the most common products used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. Here are the various uses

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Although rice bran oil has many benefits as mentioned above for pregnant women. or while breastfeeding Rice bran oil should not be consumed in excessive amounts. Because there is still no information confirming safety. Including people who have symptoms of thyroid deficiency should not consume rice bran oil. Because gamma oryzanol in rice bran oil may affect the functioning of the thyroid to lower. Including kidney disease patients should avoid eating rice bran oil. This is because the phytic acid in rice grains may cause abnormal kidney function.