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Follow or garden Owen predicts and scores 

Follow or garden! Owen predicts and scores in the Premier League match between Brighton and Liverpool LIVERPOOL legend Michael Owen has released his predictions for his old team’s clash with Brighton and Hove Albion on the head of the night and put the score on their way. without guessing “Brighton

Cavani is devastated by the injury

Cavani is devastat by the injury. Hope to be fit in time for the Spurs game Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani admits he is unable to return to action at this time. The 35-year-old Uruguay forward has suffered frequent injuries this season. And the latest injury has cost him

Gundogan insists Manchester City have no room for mistakes

Gundogan insists Manchester City have no room for mistakes Convinced to win the championship until the end of the season Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan insists they have no wrongdoing in their final Premier League title race this season. Manchester City are six points clear of Liverpool but have played

Mahjong formula

Mahjong formula Mahjong formula if to mention Mahjong game, many people would be familiar with from Chinese movies. broadcasting on various channels Because these games are influenced by Asian people. The way to play is very easy. Plus it relieves stress as well. Mahjong is so popular today. Many people may not know