Techniques for playing fish shooting games get a lot of money

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Techniques for playing fish shooting games get a lot of money

  Fish shooting game, a game that many people like. And very addicted to playing this game because it’s fun, exciting and very fun when we can kill fish. And we know that our score is more than the money we buy the ammunition. Means the profit we get, it’s even more fun.

Things to know when choosing to shoot fish with 918kiss each time to get a lot of money

            Fish shooting game with fish at stake The more we shoot, the more fish die. we get more money But sometimes the ammunition we use may be worth more than the fish we can kill. Therefore, we must know how to choose the fish that shoots them. The fish that should shot follows.

  1. Shoot only big fish because this big fish It is worth a very high score. It’s also a fish that’s hard to kill. But it’s worth the exchange of ammo more than the little fish.
  2. don’t shoot fish random shooting fish Shooting splashes does not help us make more money. Because the ammunition we bought for money but the dead fish We exchange for more expensive money. Therefore it should not shot at random. Because it’s not worth it
  3. Choose to shoot the jellyfish to death. because this fish when it dies It will emit electricity to shock the other fish on the board to death as well. Thus, we may be able to score many times more than before without wasting ammunition.

What not to do when playing online fish shooting games with 918 kiss

    There are a lot of things that should not. When playing fish shooting games with ทางเข้า UFABET. And here are some things to be aware of when playing fish shooting games.

  1. Shoot the little fish because they score very little. It’s not worth exchanging expensive ammunition. Some people don’t die easily. and hit it in one shot
  2. Use the auto fire button. This button will shoot fish according to the program. Many programs are set up to shoot only the fish that pass in front them. This means that if any fish pass by, they will shoot them all. Regardless of the value at all, therefore, if not necessary, strictly prohibited.

And this is a fish shooting game technique with 918kiss that has developed a lot of fun from general shopping mall kids games. It helps us to relax from stressful work, no less, and it’s great if we can play and earn money. If the player has play often. It helps to gain proficiency. And shoot more accurately than before. Because we will get used to the game and get use to the rules that we have played skillfully It will definitely make us more money.