Gundogan insists Manchester City have no room for mistakes

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Gundogan insists Manchester City have no room for mistakes Convinced to win the championship until the end of the season

Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan insists they have no wrongdoing in their final Premier League title race this season.

Manchester City are six points clear of Liverpool but have played more than one game. And they still have one game left to meet at the end of this season. Where it could be a game of deciding the league title this season, Gundogan admits they can’t miss again.

“There is no room for any mistakes, not just us, Liverpool are no different. And after that we have to close our jobs for the next few weeks in our own home (against Liverpool).”

“I think both teams want to win all the remaining games. And it’s been happening in the last few years that the title race will be fierce and very close until the end of the season. We are still a team with a commitment to success, we want to win and that is our driving force.” Ilkay Gundogan told UFABET

 Manchester City will face Liverpool at home on April 10, 2022 as they remain on course for three trophies – the Premier League, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League.