Klopp sympathizes with Chelsea over Russia

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Klopp sympathizes with Chelsea over Russia sanctions Even believed that the British government had made the right decision.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has spoken about Roman Abramovich’s sanctions situation severely affecting Chelsea at this time.

Chelsea, where Roman Abramovich has owned the club since 2003, has been order by the British government to suspend spending at the club. including earning money for the team in all forms and contract renewal or trade in Nakta Because it is seen to be a source of income for Abramovich. That could lead to a grant to Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader, in the ongoing war with Ukraine. Amid many disagreements from people around the world, Klopp spoke up on the matter.

“If someone has to be responsible for this, it’s Vladimir Putin. I don’t know about Roman Abramovich’s role in all but over the years. We might think and it’s good that they have a close relationship.”

“I think what the British government is doing is 100 per cent right but it is still not good for Chelsea. and fans of the team I understand this But I agree with what the government has done.”

“Me and Thomas Tuchel, we know each other but we weren’t so close that we had a lot of conversation. I certainly sympathize with him for what happened. The same goes for all players and staff at Chelsea FC.” Klopp told UFABET