Ramsdale reveals who was the toughest striker in his life

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Ramsdale reveals who was the toughest striker in his life

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale admits Jamie Vardy is the player. Who has struggle for him the most since playing professionally.

The 23-year-old goalkeeper is set to make his 100th Premier League appearance soon. After making his debut for Bournemouth in 2020. He has made 97 top-flight appearances. and met with many top strikers But for him, Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, 35, is his most dangerous opponent. He has met since playing with Bournemouth and Sheffield United before.

“I have one thing that I hate a lot and that is playing against Jamie Vardy. I would be delighted to have him as a teammate. And now I really hate having him as a competitor. I have play five games against him and I conceded four goals for him.”

Ramsdale, since joining Arsenal, has conceded 20 goals in the Premier League out of 22 games he has played and is yet to concede goals for Jamie Vardy and Leicester City in their opening games. together They will meet again this weekend.

New Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdales has revealed that Bukayo Saka played a key role in his move to the Emirates Stadium. M last summer, according to reports from UFABET.

The Gunners Decided to spend 25 million pounds to bring the 23-year-old goalkeeper from Sheffield United amid criticism over value. Before he was able to hold a permanent starting position at the beginning of the season.