Romano reveals good news. Arsenal prepare to extend the contract 

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Romano reveals good news. Arsenal prepare to extend the contract of key players even. After the end of the season Champions League.

Tier 1 journalist Fabricio Romano has confirmed Arsenal have set a schedule to discuss a new contract with Bukayo Saka at the end of the season.

Although the opportunity to play in the UEFA Champions League of the Gunners. Will look darker after they beat Newcastle with a score of 2-0 in the middle of the week. But there’s still some good news about a new contract with a key player in the team, According to a report from the UFABET.

Romano, who was invite to be a columnist for the website. Reveale in his article that Arsenal are preparing to open talks over a new contract with Saka. With the player insisting he is ready to stay. Will continue, even if they do not go to play football in Europe’s biggest cup

Italian media continue to say the 21-year-old has clearly expressed his love for the club. But negotiations are still in the early stages. While the players did not have any discussions with other clubs. Despite being link with big teams such as Liverpool and Manchester City