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Meaning Jet Lag.

Jet Lag is a type of illness related to sleep disorders. This occurs temporarily from flying across world time zones and the body is still unable to adapt to the new time zone. Causing symptoms such as insomnia or sleeping too much. tiredness in the daytime. Lack of concentration and ability

Why is melatonin important?

Melatonin is a hormone that is important in the body. Because it is a hormone that helps the body relax and lowers body temperature. enable people to sleep by night. These hormones are high in the body. This will signal the body that it is time to rest in animals. Melatonin plays an

Fiber with constipation properties.

Fiber often referred to as dietary fiber that is a component of plants. It is a nutrient that the body cannot digest like other nutrients. Such as fat, protein or carbohydrates and does not give energy to the body. There are two types : These two types are

Benefits of cherries. 

Cherries are bright red fruit that Thai people are very familiar with. Especially eating with ice cream or various types of desserts food. The key nutrients listed above may have no less health benefits than any other fruit. Therefore, there are some research studies on the properties